Hello world!

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96 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

    • G Says:

      Hey i am g from the angebissen Blog on wordpress .
      Wohle you please give the Domain to us ?
      We’ll make it Look awesome.
      Our Blog is a very nie One i think.
      And if you give it to us well give you a free .tk domain

  2. ireviewit Says:

    Man, you got apple.wordpress.com, and haven’t even touched it! Comon! Give it to someone else that will use it to talk about Apple! (Mac)

  3. danielnator1 Says:

    i know really! 👿

  4. lodeddiper Says:

    u can give it 2 me!! i will make it look soooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!

  5. Paul Says:

    people like u force us to use other urls

    – . –

    might as well visit http://pimpmymac.wordpress.com while you’re here 😛

  6. Ren Says:

    or…. http://igotamac.wordpress.com would be nice to visit too. 🙂

  7. Need backlinks? at Holy Shmoly! Says:

    […] guy who got apple.wordpress.com isn’t letting go of it! The Commodore blog isn’t that busy […]

  8. Sam Says:

    come on, do something with this blog!

  9. Ehab Says:

    Maybe he is a farmer and busy with his crops 😀

  10. Jonix Says:

    Yeah man, come on, release the blog to other that will do it right!

  11. Dinheiro Says:

    No answer yet, please do something with the site or leave it to us, thanks

  12. Rafael Kellermann Says:



  13. thebrewok Says:

    Akhirnya, bung Alvin bikin blog juga, he..he..he… Pengen dapat uang dari internet yah mas ?

  14. Insurance Says:

    Nice domain.

  15. allabouttheworld Says:

    could you please give this blog so someone who is interested in apple?

  16. allabouttheworld Says:

    give it to me

  17. Pin Wii Says:

    Name waster 😦

  18. Walking Awake Says:

    You know there are people out there that are NAMED Apple (most famous example the daughter of Chris Martin), so don’t go thinking about Macs as soon as you hear the word apple.

  19. AppleGuy Says:

    give it to meh! I m the real appleguy!


  20. hamsterham1 Says:

    THIS IS SO UNFAIR! I could use this blog to talk about apple ( mac)! MEANIE :”(

  21. Franz Says:

    Che bello, lo sfizio di occupare il sottodominio Apple e non usarlo.
    Ma che cretino!

    Napoletani, anzi italiani… visitate http://www.imaccanici.org

  22. Howya Doin Says:


    because itz untouched!!!!

  23. Cloneguy800 Says:

    Visit djsplash[.]wordpress[.]com to win a free beta Penguin! take away the [ ]

  24. javier Says:

    mierda pagina

  25. gtorge Says:

    kill the guy who owns this

  26. alevinal Says:


  27. wahidpolin Says:

    he heh

  28. wahidpolin Says:


  29. wahidpolin Says:

    Hey guys lets make this place a comment forum thingy.It will be interesting.

  30. wahidpolin Says:

    i am talking about this apple.wordpress blog(for the dumb ones–!)

  31. alevinal Says:


  32. alevinal Says:

    Apple blog with podcast and screencast

  33. Zeeay354 Says:

    You actually do Have like The 20th Most Famous wordpress blog… Well, Have fun with it!!! Lol!

  34. Ujang Says:

    The best blog. thanks.

  35. Sergey Says:

    ….well that was shit.

  36. LookieHere Says:

    Umm…you guys do realize that apple.webs.com isnt taken right??


  37. apple Says:

    hello everyone!

  38. apple Says:

    hello evetyone

    • Apple101 Says:

      Please give it to someone I will give you apple101.wordpress.com if you want it’s mine all you need to do is reply to my comment and I will tell you…oh and you need to keep n the site this sites link so people know I moved.

  39. apple Says:

    hi guys! saw the movie avatar? its nice that a james cameron has an imaginative mind.Congratulations to the team of avatar.

  40. Danny Gowers Says:

    on-line for articles that can assist me. Thank you

  41. GreeseMonkey Says:

    I don’t really get this… Why use a blog as a chat room? And why are so many people commenting, there’s no point…

    Visit http://5chool.wordpress.com/

    ~ GreeseMonkey

  42. rpslclub Says:

    give it to someone

  43. rpslclub Says:

    i now own apple101.wordpress.com

  44. dinheiro internet Says:

    data I took from it was knowledge I had already identified back then.

  45. Saif Aslam Says:

    Same here, you can do better with this URL.
    Take a look at my blog: http://www.bloggingjustaboutapple.wordpress.com

  46. iphone4australia Says:

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  47. karfrs Says:

    stupid jerk. WHy dont you give it to me? Look at my blog:

  48. Sham Says:

    Hey guys, why not we use this “Leave a Reply” to put our website URL. At least we still can bring a people to our site. I had visited to URL above. Its nice to visit. So, I add mine http://www.shamsulamar.com

  49. Jony! Says:

    Why this guy don’t visit his wordpress site any more??
    He could earn millions of dollars!
    Can you imagine what Apple Ltd. or an real apple fan would pay for this wp-domain?? ^/^

    OMG Why this guy isn’t checking out his blog??

    For germans: http://jogerschuetz.wordpress.com/
    OMG der Typ besucht seine WP-Seite nicht mehr!!! Apple oder so ein Freak würde sein ganzes Hab und Gut für die Domain geben, aber der typ macht ja nich mal was auf der Seite! Ich find das so ironisch cool! PEACE TO THE WORLD AND READ MY GERMAN BLOG!

  50. karfrs Says:

    @ Sham. Your right! Since I am pretty sure lots of people will be looking for apple.wordpress.com, we put our site in the comments, and we are bound to get more viewers. You are a genius!

  51. therolercoaster Says:

    ok, this blog is just about talking now. if you want some REAL entertainment (not that this is entertaining enough) hop on over to therolercoaster.wordpress.com. it’s actually up to date! by the looks of things this guy would get more comments if he acctually put things on it!!!!!!!!! (it woud deffinatly make it more interesting).
    love treasure.xx p.s. girls rogk!!!

  52. Alexis Says:

    Oh crap, u know, My site is braindead42.wordpress.com and i wanted it to be ”braindead” without the numbers, people like u force me to re-name my blog -__- USE IT! -.-

  53. Siska Says:

    Really best blog.

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  55. Anonymous Says:

    nice blog

  56. 8able Says:

    Give one of these people the URL!

  57. SMEBS (@googleclone) Says:

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  58. jnye Says:

    RIP Jobs… sigh, and he never lived to see this WP blog bear fruit.
    =’ [

  59. paula7928 Says:

    god you haven’t made changes to your site and make the theme
    itheme2 that theme has to do witch apple

  60. Alejandro Fuentes Says:

    Please, give me the name… (ale.fuentes.ulloa@gmail.com), I could make a great blog with that (http://www.applezilla.wordpress.com)… PLEASE!!! 🙂

  61. Huang Junwei Says:


    I think you have a good name for a blog, you should make full use of it.


  62. horsson Says:

    very nice!

  63. reviewsapple Says:

    Dit is echt te belachelijk voor woorden…

    (^this is absolutely ridiculous…)

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  67. Adeapples Says:

    The owner of this site may be dead, sorry pals.

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